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About The Traveling Mediums
Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen is proud to present Ingrid who is exclusively back in our fold. She is available for in person and phone readings. She is working for The Traveling Mediums in Broward, Florida and Macomb/Oakland/Livingston/Washtenaw County, Michigan and more, and Toledo, Ohio. Ingrid's Spiritism/Spiritualist style Mediumship has been impressive. Her vibrations are high. Clients are raving.

Sherrie Ellen is my Angel!! At a time when I really needed her help and just lost my Dad I found Sherrie and she was so comforting and helped me so much! She and her wonderful Ingrid both did readings for me and took so much time and were both so kind to me and really connected with my Dad. I have had psychic medium readings before but this was truly the best and they are both so connected and gifted and I was just amazed at all the information they had for me from my Dad mostly coming through! There is no way they could know any of the things they were telling me and it was like my Dad talking right to me! They are truly so gifted and the real thing and just so kind and considerate and I am so grateful to both Sherrie and Ingrid for all the help they have given me. They are selfless and just want to help people and I truly believe that. It has made such a difference to me and they helped me to help myself really and get back on track and I know that my Dad is with me too and just so thankful to be able to connect with him. I would highly recommend Sherrie Ellen and her team to you and Ingrid is amazing too! Their readings are just incredible and I feel so blessed to have found them and I truly believe my Dad sent me to them so he could help me and connect with me. It was an amazing experience and thank you Sherrie and Ingrid you are two special and gifted ladies and just so grateful!

  God bless, Nancy B of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

March 17, 2024

My reading with Ingrid was wonderful! She was able to channel loved ones who had passed on and was very accurate. She guided me on my career path. She definitely has a gift! Thanks so much Sherri for connecting us!

Mandi, Ontario.

February 24, 2024

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